Peace, Love, Joy, and Imagination…

Bob was ridin’ his mule to town…

and his ole buddy Tom drives by.

Tom stops and asks Bob “hey you wanna ride into town”

Bob says “sure” and he ties his mule to the back of the truck

well Ole Tom starts off a drivin and a watchin that mule. Tom gets up to 35 mph and looks in the mirror and the mule is still there

he turns to Bob and says ” hey you think I need to slow down”

Bob says how fast you goin

Tom says ’bout 35″

Bob says “naw speed up”

So about 45 mph Tom looks in the mirror and again asks if he should slow down

Bob says “how fast you going”

Tom says ’bout 45″

Bob “naw speed up”

So Tom gets up to about 55 mph and looks back and jumps like the devil got him

Bob says “whats wrong”

Tom says “that mules tongue is hangin out”

BOb says “on which side”

Tom says “the left”

Bob says “pull over he is a fixin to pass ya”


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