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Fishin’ Trip

“My First Boat”…..I was 20 years old and broke. I had saved enough money to buy a 12ft jon boat and a trolling motor. Well after about 3 months of getting around at about 1 mph I decided it was time to buy a small outboard.

I informed my wife I would be spending our nest egg (all $300 )on a used 3hp evinrude I found in the Bargain Trader. 6:00pm I called the guy, who spoke very little english. He put his daughter on the phone and she said to come down that night if I wanted it. So I jumped in my pick up and headed down to Miami. It was about 60 miles south of my house but I might as well have been in another country when I got there. 8:00pm I knocked on the door and nobody answered. Since this was in 1993, I then had to drive around for 30 minutes looking for a pay phone. I called his daughter (the translator) and she said he was at the hospital with chest pains and the motor was now at her house. She gave me directions to her house, and I got lost, of course. I saw a man standing on the corner so I pulled over to ask for directions. Before I could ask… he wanted to know what I needed. Since I didnt need the crack he was selling, I drove off pretty fast. This got the attention of a cop in an unmarked police car. 12 midnight The cop pulls me over and asks what I was doing in the neighborHOOD. Being that my jacked up F150 w/mud tires and confederate flag stickers(it was my “redneck” phase)stuck out like a sore thumb……I explained and he gave me good directions. Fast forward to 2:00 am ………I arrive at the daughters house, buy the motor and bolt home. Half way back I get a flat… I’m changing a tire at 3:00am on the side of I-95. I got home at 4:30 with no time to sleep ’cause I GOT FISHIN TO DO ! I wake up the wife and 2 yr old daughter for a day of fishing. 5:30am-I haul a$$ to the lake, start the motor on first try, and we head out on the lake. 5:40am While cruising at break-neck speed  with a smile from ear to ear, I now inform my wife and 2 yr old “HOLD ON! Daddy’s gunna do a donut !” We all brace for the turn like its gunna pull 3 G’s………..I went in to the turn, hammered down on the throttle, the motor slipped off the transom, fell into the lake and while still running did a corkscrew straight to the bottom! About 5 seconds later a large bubble came to the suface, and I never saw the motor again! 6:15am We made it back to the boat ramp with my trusty trolling motor!

7:15am went to bed!


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