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Downtown Memphis Walking Tour

This is an itinerary that covers a lot of the southern half of Downtown, and that I think really introduces people to the soul of the neighborhood.  Get your walking shoes on for this one – gonna be a long day.  This would be best done on a Saturday.

National Civil Rights Museum: Gotta start here if you’ve never been.  This, of course, is the site where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot on April 4, 1968 (look for the wreath on the second floor).  It’s the old Lorraine Motel, converted into a museum full of items that tell the story of the civil rights movement in America.  It’s at the corner of Mulberry and Huling in the South Main District.

Then walk or trolley north on Main, and turn right on Beale to get to

A. Schwab: This is a “dry goods” store that has been on Beale Street since the 1870s.  You’ll find all kinds of mementos in there that you never knew existed.  Everything from 40 different kinds of hot sauces to size-70 overalls to funny hats to candles to Elvis memorabilia and much more.  Great place to get souvenir shopping and gift shopping done.  Get there before 5 PM; the upstairs closes at 5 on Saturdays and the entire thing closes at 5 the other days of the week (and it’s not open at all on Sunday).

Then walk west back to Main, then turn right and walk 1 block north to

Center for Southern Folklore: This little gem on the Main Street Mall is full of local artwork, Memphis music CDs and DVDs, books about Memphis music, and lots of related items.  They have live entertainment on stage from time to time – ask for a schedule.  They also sell coffee, food, and beer.  Over Labor Day weekend they sponsor one of the best street festivals in the area.  The employees and volunteers at CSF are great people to tell you all about local and regional music.

Then walk south on Main 3 blocks, turn right on Pontotoc, and walk 1 block to Front.  There you’ll see

Gus’s Chicken: Time for dinner.  This restaurant on Front has the best chicken in town.  It was won national awards, and people have been known to actually fly to Memphis just to pick up Gus’s.  Today’s special: CHICKEN.  It doesn’t matter what day you read this post – the special is always chicken.

Then walk back to Main, and walk or trolley south 5 blocks to

Earnestine & Hazel’s: This is a little bar at Main and G.E. Patterson that has the best jukebox in town and a burger, the “Soul Burger,” that is among the best Downtown.  Be sure to walk through the upstairs if it’s open.  For years and years (up until about 18-20 years ago) this place was a brothel, and they have not redecorated the upstairs at all since those days.  In the very back corner of the upstairs there’s a tiny bar run by a guy named Nate on the weekends – one of the best bartenders in the city.

Then walk half a block east on G.E. Patterson to

Calhoun’s: This one is a little bit different.  All the places I’ve named up ’til now have been around for years and years, and represent the soul, the history, of Downtown Memphis.  Calhoun’s Sports Bar, on the other hand, is barely more than a year old, but I’m including it because I feel it represents the current history, the present, of the South Main area.  There you’ll meet the owner, Max, and the locals, who will tell you more about Downtown Memphis than I can possibly include in this post.  You haven’t truly experienced Downtown until you’ve met its best feature – the people.  Drink some beer, watch some sports on their TVs, play some Buzztime Trivia or poker.

– For the last stop of the evening, it’s time to go dancing.  Hollywood Disco at Mulberry and Vance is my recommendation for now; however, as of the first weekend in April, you have your choice between Hollywood and Paula & Raiford’s Disco on Second just north of Monroe.  (I’ll leave it to locals you meet at the earlier stops to recommend one or the other.)  In either case, you’ll get a club experience unlike any other you’ve had.  Great disco and ’80s and soul music.  Leather couches, handprints on the wall, fog machines, disco balls and lights.  Forget everything you know about clubs; this is something completely different.

You may want to get a hotel room to crash for the night, rather than driving to other parts of town after a long day out.  I recommend the Sleep Inn at Court Square if you’re looking for value, and the Westin if you want something upscale.  Hotels with rooms for less than $50/night that are within walking distance of Downtown should be avoided at all costs.

There ya go… that should keep you busy for about 12 hours on a Saturday – probably 2 PM to 2 AM or thereabouts.

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The Best Wireless Carrier Shortcuts

A few things about cell phones have always pissed me off. Finding a missed call (with the missed number of course)and a voicemail that says “Call me when you get this” is one.
Another is waiting for a long message to play before I can leave a message as I wonder if I’m eating up my minutes.
A third is having to listen to a long voicemail (though it doesn’t cost minutes) before deleting because I have already called the “missed number”.
My old carrier, Cingular, would not let you erase prior to the end of the message. Since it has changed to AT&T, it now does and I had found that out. But some of these others might be helpful to someone out there

Here’s how to leave voice mail for someone without listening to a boring greeting message first—plus other helpful tips.
Each wireless carrier has a number of shortcuts that let you get around its system more quickly. They’re not well published, though. As a result, many people don’t use them or even know they exist.
As usual, that’s where we come in. If you know your recipients’ service providers, you can use these fast shortcuts to get around each carrier’s system—and, in the case of text messaging, save some money as well.
Send free text messages via e-mail. The person receiving the message still has to pay for these—but you won’t have to, and that’s what counts, right? Simply enter the person’s phone number, along with the appropriate carrier-specific e-mail address from those listed below, into any e-mail client. The result will appear on the person’s phone as an SMS text message. Note: All phone numbers are 10 digits with no dashes (example: 2125551212).
Alltel: [Phone Number]
AT&T: [Phone Number]
Nextel: [Phone Number]
Sprint: [Phone Number]
T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
Verizon: [Phone Number]
Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]
Skip over someone’s voice-mail greeting. Tired of your aunt’s “Macarena”-backed voice mail greeting? Chances are, when it comes to her and anyone else whose greeting you’re sick of, you already know their carriers. Here’s how to skip ahead and get right to the important part: leaving a message.
AT&T: press #
Sprint: press 1
T-Mobile: press #
Verizon: press *
Find out how many minutes you’ve used this month. Not sure if you’re about to blow through your allotted voice minute total and send your monthly bill soaring? Try these shortcuts:
AT&T: Dial *646#
Sprint: Dial *4
T-Mobile: Dial #646#
Verizon: Dial #646
Save, navigate, or delete a voice-mail message while you’re listening to it. You already know you have to call Bob back about the Oaxley account—because you just did. Except that only now, you’re hearing the long and unnecessary voice mail message he left yesterday about it. Here’s how to delete it as soon as it starts playing:
AT&T: 77 (Delete)’; 33 and then 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
Sprint: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
T-Mobile: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
Verizon: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind

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1984 Zeitgiest…Big Brother and One World Government

Aaron Russo postulates some interesting and very scary theories about the world to come.

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Make your donation at the Nadya Suleman website

This woman is going to need some major financial assistance to help care for all 14 of her very young kids. Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, supplemental security income (SSI), women infants and children(WIC), Section 8 subsidized housing voucher, and whatever else the government can provide for her just won’t be enough to sufficiently raise these kids. Help this mother out and make a donation now so she can get her tubes tied asap!

TMZ obtained a photo of Nadya Suleman’s pregnant stomach shortly before she gave birth to octuplets in California.  This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids.



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Favorite News Sites






For me, its a simple order:
then (a regional site)

What are yours?

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Microsoft thinking about pay-per-use PC model?

Microsoft may be experimenting with the idea of selling PCs in the same way as cellphones are currently sold, patent filings suggest. A recently-published patent application proposes selling “standard model” PCs at a significant discount, with the rest of the price being subsidized by an unspecified part of the supply chain. The real cost would be shifted into a usage contract, determining how long a person would have to use their machine.

Microsoft admits that a subscription PC would thus be more expensive than a regular one, but argues that the tradeoff would be a longer “useful life” made possible by access to cheaper high-end hardware. A more unusual aspect of the patent is that costs could be linked to the actual usage of hardware and software; running database applications or choosing faster graphics performance, for instance, could raise the price of a subscription.

Buyers might alternately be asked to pick from general packages, such as office, gaming or browsing bundles, each with a different hourly rate; expanding functionality would require switching to a new package. Controlling a person’s ability to use their computer would be a new security module, locking a PC to a given supplier, while also restricting functionality.

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Free Google Number for Information when on the Road or at Home

Here’s a number worth putting in your cell phone, or your home phone speed dial: 1-800-goog411. This is an awesome service from Google, and it’s free — great when you are on the road.

Don’t waste your money on information calls and don’t waste your time manually dialing the number. I am driving along in my car and I need to call the golf course and I don’t know the number. I hit the speed dial for information that I have programmed.

The voice at the other end says, ‘ City & State.’ I say, ‘ Garland , Texas ‘ He says, ‘Business, Name or Type of Service.’ I say, Firewheel Golf Course.’ He says, ‘Connecting’ and Firewheel answers the phone. How great is that? This is nationwide and it is absolutely free!

Click on the link below and watch the short clip for a quick demonstration.

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