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Keepin’ It Clean!

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Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog

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The Family That Prays Together…

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A Cowboy’s Dog…

A Cowboy’s Dog

There’s them that say
A cowboy’s horse
Is always on his mind

That may be true
Makes sense of course
But maybe he can find

A little room for
Four more legs
And a pair of big brown eyes

A sloppy tongue
A waggin tail
And a heart two times his size

A cayuse means
A paycheck sure
A strong and faithful ride

But an ole dog
Kinda fills a need
That we all have inside

He’ll work beside you
All day long
And never once complain

He’ll follow you
Through thick and thin
In sunshine and in rain

He’ll share your food
He’ll share your bed
He’ll be your lifelong pard

And when he hits
His end of trail
Oh Lordy, it’s sure hard

You think about
The times you had
And how he pulled you through

When you were down
He’d jump right up
And chase away your blues

And when he’s gone
You just ride on
Your cayuse starts to jog

But in your heart
You’ll keep a place
For that ole cowboy’s dog.

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The Kid and the Dog

This is what spending all day with a 5 yr old boy will do to ya……

I’m Pooped!!!

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