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The Tip and What It Says

A business man who travels regularly is staying at a hotel where there is a Cafe/Bar. He eats dinner, has a few drinks and when the tab is presented… pays his bill. The waitress brings back his change and hands it to him. He looks at the three pennies, and lays them on the table as he walks away.

Three months later he is back at the same hotel…
He enters the Cafe and orders food and a drink… the same waitress is his server and comments “I remember you, Sir.”

He: “You do?”

She: “Yes Sir… you were here about three months ago and sat in my section.”

He: “You have a good memory dear.”

She: “Yes, I do… you left three pennies on the table.”

He: “Wow, you DO have a good memory.”

She: “I learned a lot about you from those three pennies.”

He: “Hows that?”

She: “Well, the first penny tells me that you are a bachelor.”

He: “Yes, as a matter of fact… I am.”

She: “The second tells me that you are a frugal person, and don’t just throw your money around, and probably have most every dollar you have ever earned.”

He: “Wow, you are really good reading pennies. What does the third penny tell you?”

She: “Oh… That’s the one that tells me your father was a bachelor too!”

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