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The Best Wireless Carrier Shortcuts

A few things about cell phones have always pissed me off. Finding a missed call (with the missed number of course)and a voicemail that says “Call me when you get this” is one.
Another is waiting for a long message to play before I can leave a message as I wonder if I’m eating up my minutes.
A third is having to listen to a long voicemail (though it doesn’t cost minutes) before deleting because I have already called the “missed number”.
My old carrier, Cingular, would not let you erase prior to the end of the message. Since it has changed to AT&T, it now does and I had found that out. But some of these others might be helpful to someone out there

Here’s how to leave voice mail for someone without listening to a boring greeting message first—plus other helpful tips.
Each wireless carrier has a number of shortcuts that let you get around its system more quickly. They’re not well published, though. As a result, many people don’t use them or even know they exist.
As usual, that’s where we come in. If you know your recipients’ service providers, you can use these fast shortcuts to get around each carrier’s system—and, in the case of text messaging, save some money as well.
Send free text messages via e-mail. The person receiving the message still has to pay for these—but you won’t have to, and that’s what counts, right? Simply enter the person’s phone number, along with the appropriate carrier-specific e-mail address from those listed below, into any e-mail client. The result will appear on the person’s phone as an SMS text message. Note: All phone numbers are 10 digits with no dashes (example: 2125551212).
Alltel: [Phone Number]
AT&T: [Phone Number]
Nextel: [Phone Number]
Sprint: [Phone Number]
T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
Verizon: [Phone Number]
Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]
Skip over someone’s voice-mail greeting. Tired of your aunt’s “Macarena”-backed voice mail greeting? Chances are, when it comes to her and anyone else whose greeting you’re sick of, you already know their carriers. Here’s how to skip ahead and get right to the important part: leaving a message.
AT&T: press #
Sprint: press 1
T-Mobile: press #
Verizon: press *
Find out how many minutes you’ve used this month. Not sure if you’re about to blow through your allotted voice minute total and send your monthly bill soaring? Try these shortcuts:
AT&T: Dial *646#
Sprint: Dial *4
T-Mobile: Dial #646#
Verizon: Dial #646
Save, navigate, or delete a voice-mail message while you’re listening to it. You already know you have to call Bob back about the Oaxley account—because you just did. Except that only now, you’re hearing the long and unnecessary voice mail message he left yesterday about it. Here’s how to delete it as soon as it starts playing:
AT&T: 77 (Delete)’; 33 and then 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
Sprint: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
T-Mobile: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind)
Verizon: 7 (Delete); 9 (Save); 3 (Fast Forward); 1 (Rewind

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