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Woman Killed by Fold-Away Bed

Woman, 73, dies after becoming trapped inside new foldaway bed
By Daily Mail Reporter

A Spanish woman has died after her new temporary bed folded up and trapped her against the wall. The 73-year-old from Bobadilla Estacion in Malaga, southern Spain, had only bought the bed a few days earlier ahead of relatives visiting her at Christmas. It is thought she was trying out the new piece of furniture when it flipped up back into the wall space, trapping her inside.


An example of a folding bed which is designed to lift upwards to sit inside a cavity.

The alarm was raised when she failed to make her usual trip to the bakery last Wednesday. After telephoning her several times, her family called around to her house on Thursday morning but could not find her. However they were mystified when they saw all her personal effects still in her home. One of her sons told local newspaper La Opinion de Malaga: ‘Her glasses, her rings and her personal alarm were in their usual place and we didn’t think to open up the bed to look for her.’ It was not until Thursday evening that her daughter-in-law pulled the bed down and found the pensioner trapped between the mattress and the wall. The family has said it will sue the furniture company that sold the bed on the grounds it was faulty or not installed properly. ‘That thing was a death trap and we demand accountability,’ said her son.

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